Wireless Router Setup With Satellite Internet

Here are some great tips for troubleshooting and setting up a wireless router with satellite internet.

Most computers these days already incorporate a wireless modem located within their system, so it's essential to be able to properly setup the wireless router.

The signal from the satellite made it all the way down to your home – Why would there be any need for wires at that point!?

Here's a great article detailing how to troubleshoot and setup wireless routers for satellite internet.  These tips should apply no matter which provider of satellite internet you receive, whether it be HughesNet, Exede, WildBlue or otherwise.

If you have any trouble setting up your router given these tips, go ahead and contact your satellite ISP and they should be able to walk you through the setup.

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Additional Satellite Internet Wireless Router Setup Info

Still having trouble setting up the router?  Give this video a watch and perhaps the solution will come to light.


Still having trouble?  Have you attempted to 'power cycle' your equipment?  Begin unplugging all systems starting with the receiver, then the modem, and the wireless router.  Next, plug back in all items in that same order waiting 20 seconds after each item is powered on.

This video will show you how to connect a Hughesnet Satellite Internet Modem to a wireless router. This configuration will allow you to use a laptop wireless with Hughesnet. You will also be able to use your connection on more than one computer. For more information on Hughesnet check out our website at http://www.bradselectronics.com