DISH vs. CBS – The Latest in Hopper Wars

The latest between DISH vs. CBS really is quite entertaining.  The Hopper wars are on, and CBS has taken some rather overt measures to show their stance against the DISH hopper.

Just a little background -

CBS, along with all the other major networks (FOX, ABC, NBC) are refusing to air DISH Hopper commercials. (As of early 2013.)

Because of this limitation, DISH has been hard at work finding marketing workarounds to get the Hopper brand out there.

In a gutsy and imaginative tactic, DISH paid Kaley Cuoco of CBS's "Big Bang Theory" to tweet her suppor of the DISH Hopper.

1.2 million Twitter subscribers saw the endorsement post, but not too long afterward, she was forced to take it down…by none other than CBS!

Oh, the Hopper wars are on, and it's possibly more entertaining than the current programming on TV.  (Besides The Walking Dead, RHOA and Breaking Bad ofcourse!)

Read more about the CBS / DISH soap opera at Forbes…


Blacked Out by the Networks, Dish Gets Creative to Promote Hopper

"Hasn't anyone at CBS ever heard of the Streisand Effect? First, the broadcaster ordered its tech news website, CNET, to withdraw an award it had given to Hopper, Dish Network's ad-skipping DVR, because CBS is in the midst of trying to sue it out of …Forbes"


Watch Kaley Cuoco Star in the DISH CBS Soap Opera


Let us know what you think about all of this CBS vs. DISH hullabaloo.  We've all been skipping commercials for years, but we can thank DISH and the new Hopper with Sling that we can now auto-skip commercials during prime time on major networks.  I say, thank you DISH and praise be to the Hopper!  Leave us a comment below…

More About the Kaley Cuomo Hopper Tweet

Kaley Cuoco has put herself in the middle of a dispute between CBS and Dish by appearing in an ad for the satellite TV provider. It’s a brazen move that may cost the actress, who is a mainstay on CBS’ hit series “The Big Bang Theory.”
“Amazing! Watching live TV anywhere on the #Hopper looks pretty awesome! Now where can I find a tiny beer?” Cuoco tweeted, along with a link to the ad by Dish. It was immediately taken down once the media started inquiring about it, and her representatives have not commented about the ordeal.

The dispute between Dish and CBS centers on the use of ads during shows. Dish has released a new feature, the “Auto Hop,” which allows users to watch recorded shows without any commercials. The feature costs channels like CBS, who rely upon the ads to pay for their work.

“We’ve reached out to several different celebrities and those with influence for sponsored tweets and so I think she’s one of many folks. Our goal is to introduce our products and services to consumers. We find people that consumers are paying attention to,” Dish spokesman John Hall told

Cuoco and other celebrities have begun tweeting sponsored ads in order to make more money; with a following of 1.2 million people, the ads are likely doing their job and reaching a large audience.

CBS, ABC, Fox, and NBC are all suing Dish for the “Auto Hopper” costing them money. So far there has been no response from the networks about various celebrities tweeting sponsored ads against their competitor.)