Direct TV vs Dish Network vs Comcast 2013 Review

An interesting overview of which is better for: DISH, DirecTV or Comcast?  The pricing shown in the article is based on Q2 pricing from all industry competitors.

However, the article leaves out one MAJOR caveat (as evidenced by a commentor at the bottom of the post).

In fact, it’s such a major omission, it leaves me concerned with the bias of the author.  

Thank goodness the commentor cleared the air… (Read the article AFTER reading the comment.)

In your article, you never mentioned Dish Network pricing. It starts at only $19.99, or the Top 120 package starts at $29.99, more affordable than Directv or Comcast. It is also offered in all the same places that Directv is offered, not in less places like your article suggest. Even with all discounts gone, Dish pricing starts at only $49.99 for the Top 120, much cheaper than Direct or Comcast pricing when all discounts are gone.

Direct TV vs Dish Network vs Comcast: Who has the best deal?

“Cable Vs Satellite TV Direct TV only provides satellite television service through a satellite dish mounted on the side of customers’ homes. Since this is their only service, the quality is better. Direct TV is the leading satellite provider in the …DTVUSAForum News”


What is your experience?  Do you have experience with either DISH, DirecTV or Comcast?  Or, what about Cox?  

As a DISH retailer, we’re proud to offer the lowest startup costs, as well as the most advanced TV viewing technology on the planet.

Definitely deal breakers that blow the competition out of the water.  

(Not to mention the A- rating with the Better Business Bureau!) 

As a Reminder: DISH vs. DirecTV Commercial


Keep these things in mind when comparing DISH vs DirecTV vs Comcast: 

DISH has the lowest price of entry, the best TV viewing experience, the ability to watch TV on all of your Tech devices, the best consumer rating, and the best retailers on the market!

Lend us your thoughts in the comment box below.  We look forward to hearing from you!