AMC Returning to Dish Network?

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Could it be? Is it possible?  Is AMC returning to Dish Network?  According to Businessweek, AMC may be returning to Dish.

Due to some legal ranglings that are beyond our pay grade, the return of Mad Men, Walking Dead and Breaking Bad just may be on the horizon.

Read more about the possible return of AMC to Dish at Businessweek.  (They can explain more of the legalise that shed's light on the situation.)

Quick Question:  Does the lack of AMC turn you off of Dish? Were you a customer and dropped Dish, or perhaps receive other services because of the lack of AMC?

Or, do you even care about AMC programming?

Personally, I am a big Mad Men fan – & I've been told by MANY that I have to get into Breaking Bad.

But, the lack of AMC hasn't necessarily hampered my television viewing entertainment.

I am able to watch these programs (for the most part) online.

What say you?  Leave us a comment in our comment box.

Read more about the potential return of AMC to Dish below…

AMC's $2.4 Billion Trial May Return 'Mad Men' to Dish

"Dish, whose 14 million satellite TV subscribers (DISH) accounted for 13 percent of AMC's subscriber base, said it dropped AMC's four networks because the shows didn't deliver the ratings to justify their price. AMC claims the move was due to its lawsuit."

AMC Mad Men Possibly Coming Back to Dish Network


Just a little Don Draper and the rest of the crew to brighten up your day.

My fingers are crossed that AMC will return to Dish.  My wife is in love with Jon Hamm, and Joanie isn't too hard on the eyes either.

Let's all hope this issue gets resolved in time for the final season of Breaking Bad as well.